Cultivate Good Ones

Cultivate good habits that help you move towards your goals. Read positive materials, associate with happy people, learn to meditate or practice other relaxation techniques…anything that helps keep what you want right in front of you so you stay focused and happy as you move towards your dreams

Think About It

Think about it….are you treated well? Do you allow people to walk all over you? Do you speak up for yourself (respectfully) when you feel you are not being spoken to in a nice way? Or do you cower in a corner saying that it’s okay for people to treat you anyway they like? Speak up for yourself because you are worth receiving the best life has to offer:)

It Takes A Good One

It takes a good one, attitude, that is to make it through the challenges that life presents up. When we make up ur minds to accept the best and to work for the best things fall into place…not always instantly but they do. So keep expecting and working for the best 

Go That Extra Little Bit

Go that extra little bit. Take those extra few minutes to put a finishing touch on an idea or a project. See the difference that it makes. Hanging on after other have walked away can make all the difference. so don’t quit too early!

You Can Get There!

You can get there…where you want to go, but you must believe that. No matter what twists and turns come your way if you take a deep breath, if you really believe there is a solution there will be one. Stay calm and stay focused and let things come to you:)

You Are Worth It!

You are worth it! You are worth having your dreams. You are worth feeling good about yourself, and feeling calm and focused. Your opinions and ideas are important. Don’t ever forget that. Never ~ Debbie Ailman

Be Happy!

Be happy! Find something that makes you smile. We all have something,that makes us smile, whether a child or a pet, a flower or the sunshine peaking out from a cloud. Focus on that, focus on those things that put you in a happy state of mind and stay there for awhile,I think you’ll like it there ~ Debbie Ailman

Let it Go

Today take it easy. Instead of fighting to swim upstream, just let things unfold and become as an observer. Give yourself a day off from your worries. You deserve to ~

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful today and always for all the good things in your life. I am grateful for all of you!

Hesitate Not

Don’t hesitate when it comes to goal fulfillment. Every step, even the small ones, can make a difference. And the action of doing something will help give you the impetus you need to keep going. Action is the key. Sitting back watching the television won’t help you on this one ~