Take a Good Look

KoalaTake a good look…at yourself. Look at all those wonderful qualities you have. There is no one in the world quite like you.

So many times, we put ourselves down. We play up the things that we might not be so good at and downplay all those things that we really do well. Somehow those things just aren’t that important; anybody can do those anyway.

But that is not true. You may have a way with words, while another does not. You might be good t math, while another (and I’m one of them) needs a calculator for everything. You might have an artistic flare while another can draw only stick figures.

Focus on what you do well and celebrate it!

Are You Working On You?

990205258_011Are you working on improving yourself? Or do you put all your focus on what’s wrong with other people? Do you carp and complain all day about what someone else might have done wrong or do you tale steps to insure you’ll do the best possible job that you can?

Part of the Optimist Creed  tells us “Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.”

Focus on you. Be the best “you” that you ca be.

How Do You See It?

990204522_021How do you see it…each day as it dawns? Do you see it as bringing opportunity? Do you see it as your chance to shine? Are you grateful to greet each new day?

Or do you dread it? Do you wake up each day and wonder something like “Oh no, I wonder what’s going to go wrong today?

We attract the things that happen to us by our thoughts and feelings, so if you wake up in dread of the new day what do you think it will present to you? Just more things to feel bad about!

Turn it around today and expect the best that each new dawn can bring. Really feel it inside you and see the difference it will make in te events that unfold for you.

Go Ahead And Do It!

990205258_022Go ahead and do it…be nice to yourself. Why not take some time, today even…right now, and do something nice for yourself that you just keep putting off…even if it’s a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee place. Maybe it’s a movie you want to see, or maybe you’d like to visit a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. But what ever it is…you deserve it so do it!

Making time for yourself is not a waste of time…you are investing in your most valuable asset…YOU!

Are You Building Yourself Up?

HydrangeasAre you building yourself up? Or are you tearing yourself down…with the words you say and the way you act?

Do you say to yourself “Yeah, I did a really good job on that?” Or do you say “I just can’t do anything right?”

Do you take the time to smile and to walk with a purposeful step or do you just slink along with your head down waiting for the day to be over so you can crawl back into bed?

The better you think, the better the quality of your thoughts will be. The more you walk and act with confidence, the more you will draw those things into your life.

So build yourself up every chance you get.

Are You Quitting Too Soon?

DesertAre you quitting too soon? Are you giving up on your goals and dreams before they even get a chance to take root and make their way out to the bright sunshine? Do you give things a kind of “half way” effort and then say, “okay, well that’s no good so I guess it’s not going to work?”

Or do you stop to think “okay, how can I make this better? What additional effort or research do I need here to keep it moving.?”

If Alexander Graham Bell quit after only a short time we’d still be communicating only by mail, and I don;t know about you but I love my smart phone;)

Are You Still Holding On?

990108468_038Are you still holding on…to old arguments and disagreements, to words perhaps said in anger years ago?

People sometimes do the wrong things. People sometimes say the wrong things. Living the upsets from years past over and over doesn’t help…it only hurts.

Forgive someone today. Let the past go. Let the old hurts go. Don’t continue to hurt yourself and others. Open up the lines of communication. and mend some fences.

It can only do you good.


Are You Expecting Nothing?

ChrysanthemumAre you expecting nothing? Then that’s what you’ll get. When you sit around sll day saying to yourself that “nothing ever happens” then it’s pretty much a flat calm.

But when you expect good things to happen and you set the wheels in motion to make them happen then that’s where the magic begins

Get up, get excited about something- it makes all the difference in the world. Don’t just sit there in your chair waiting for life to pass you by because if that’s the way you think then it will.

Are You Concentrating?

dsc02014_0004Are you concentrating on what you want? Are you giving it a 100% effort or do you do things halfway?

Do you set the goal to see things through or does your attention wander and then you’re off in a hundred different directions, changing your mind as the wind changes direction?

Concentration on a goal is a key to making it come to fruition.Doing all you can to move towards it helps it manifest in the physical world more quickly.

Set aside time everyday to work on the things you want in life. Don’t push them aside- give them the room they need to grow.

Are You Staying In The Moment?

DSC01702_0012Are you staying in the moment….of today? Or are your thoughts racing back and forth…between what happened yesterday and what may happen tomorrow? Are you letting life pass you by, not savoring the moment and then when it is past saying to yourself “I wish I had done…” or “I wish I had said…”

Stop and think about where you are right now and focus on all that is good about it.