Worry? Who Needs It?

Who needs worry? You don’t. Worry is not your friend. It doesn’t help you , it doesn’t make you feel good, in fact it’s pretty useless. So why do you let it hang around you? Why do you let it pretend to be your friend? Why do you turn to it when you feel unsure? Especially when there’s a shiny new friend waiting on the sidelines for you. This friends name is confidence-why don’t you pull up a chair and get to know him?

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Go For It!

Don’t let anyone “rain on your parade” as the song goes. it’s your dream and you owe it to yourself to keep it alive. it doesn’t matter what other people think or say unless you really value that person’s opinion and you want it to matter. People talk and can be jealous and mean and most times it really doesn’t have anything to do with you. Stay on your track. Let YOUR journey unfold the way you want it to. That is the most important thing- for you to be happy. that’s what you’re here for,and living your dream does make you happy. if other people want to have nightmares, that’s their problem:)

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It’s time to unwind. it’s time to just be you and enjoy it. Just take it easy and not feel guilty. You don’t have to change the world today. It’s your day off. let someone else worry about changing the world right now. Just, for right now, do what you want and don’t worry about it. After all, don’t you deserve a day off:)

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Appreciate Yourself

Do you value yourself? You are unique and one of a kind. You have lots to contribute to this world in your own way. You do. Uncle Milt complains about everyone, so don’t listen to him when he tells you that you’re a “loser” You are not, and you never were. So let him know that next time you see him. Tell him I said so. And when you’re done just walk away. He’ll just turn his attention to someone else:)

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Think About It

What makes you happy? Really think about it. What gives you that feeling of joy, what puts that smile on your face, what makes you heart skip a beat? Do you have it in your life right now? if you don’t why not? What’s holding you back? Do you feel you’re not capable? Do you worry about what other people would think or say about it?

You are capable! You wouldn’t have the desire if you weren’t capable of making it happen. And as for other people- who cares! Live your life for yourself and nobody else. Because nobody else can be a better you than YOU:)

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You. No matter what happens to you, you are a valuable person. Even if you’re sad and things don’t seem to be going your way-if you hang in there things can and will turn around for you. So cry if you must, sometimes crying makes you feel better and shows you new horizons. Open your heart and your mind. If you believe in yourself, the tide will turn for you. So hang in there:)

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Control. We all want it. We want our say about how things turn out. We want the deciding say; we want to deal the cards. But the universe knows best, it really does. Its infinite wisdom cam figure out things that our limited minds cannot. It knows what we want and know the best way there. Our controlling natures just get in its way and slow it down. So give up control today. Ask for what you want and leave the “how” in the hands of something better prepared to serve you to the fullest:)

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