Love Yourself

Love yourself! Stop dragging your butt around thinking everyone is better than you and that everyone has a better life than you. You life is what you make it and it starts with caring enough to love yourself.

Look how many good things you do. Look at how many good things you’ve done. Made mistakes? Who hasn’t. You are not your mistakes.

Look in the mirror and smile! You are unique and wonderful. But you must believe that.

Believe it and your life will have endless possibilities. If you don’t then every door will close in front of you.

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See Where It Leads

Let life unfold as it should. See where the road leads you. Don’t get flustered or upset by the events that are going on around you. They just might be the things you need to “set you on your path”

Don’t second guess everything that happens. Don’t second guess everything you say. Just go through your day with ease.

Worrying and obsessing never made any situation better and never will-remember that. But peace, calm and a confident demeanor can and do make all the difference-a very positive difference and that’s where you want to be:)

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Value Yourself

Stop for a moment and ask yourself this question- do you value yourself? Do you see yourself as important? Do you feel that people care about you and want to be around you? Do you feel that what you think about and how you feel matters?

Well it does! Go march yourself over to that mirror and tell yourself that. You are just as important as the next person. Cultivate friendships in people who appreciate you. And appreciate them back. keep as many positive people in your life as you can.

Don’t deny yourself and say “I don’t deserve it” You do deserve the things you want. You do deserve to feel good. Reach for the feelings that make you feel the best and discard those feelings which don’t serve you well:)

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Yes You

You- you are worth it. You- what you think matters. You- your dreams are worth it.

Yes you. I don’t care what anyone else does, or has,or wants–you will still be important. But you must believe that. Keep believing in yourself. Keep believing in your dreams. No matter what goes on around you. The time for hurt is over. The time to be sad is over. it is your time to be happy. it is your time to make your dreams come true. Remember that. Each of us has his own song to sing so start composing your music-the orchestra is waiting for you:)

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Vibrations- we all have them. And on a day when things are going well, when the sun is shining and the birds are singing those vibes are happy-and they  set the wheels in motion for more happy things to come your way-all good!

But sometimes this is not the case. It’s raining outside and the birds that were singing before it started to rain have pooped on your nice clean windshield. You’ve feeling bad–and finding more things to feel bad about by the minute.

So stop! Turn it around! Get out of that bad feeling avalanche before it buries you. Think of something funny- what made you bust out laughing the last time your heard it? Well think about it again–c’mon- you can do it–now smile! Think of your kid, or your dog, or your goldfish-something or someone you love—and smile again! See- you’re feeling better aren’t you?

So my prescription reads- repeat as necessary:)

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Thank you!

Let It Go

Let the worries of the day go. Let them evaporate on the breeze. Know that, if you believe it so, that you will be taken care of- that the Universe has your back. Have faith that things will unfold as they should. Let it go-let go of worry and distress. Holding on does you no good. But if you let it go- well it opens a channel towards feeling good.

So sit back in that easy chair. Close your eyes, and for once-let it go:)

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It’s All Up To You

It’s all up to you-how it goes-your life! It’s not up to the mail person, it’s not up to the guy who bags your groceries, it’s not up to the weather, or the dog, or, well, whatever-you get the point.

It is all in your own two hands-the power to make your life a pleasure or a chore, The power to be happy-or miserable. See this jellyfish swimming here- okay he’s just floating around aimlessly and maybe he’ll get lucky and find a meal (or a beach goer’s arm to sting) but don’t be like this jellyfish-have a goal and go for it because it’s all up to you:)

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Turn It Around

Each new day you get a chance to turn it around. No matter what you’ve done, no matter where you’ve been, no matter what you said or did-it’s a new chance for you-but you have to take it! You have to leave the past behind and leap joyously forward.

Life is waiting for you. Joy is waiting for you. Success is waiting for you. Love is waiting for you. So how long will you keep them waiting for you?

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Focus on what you want. Focus on your goal. Immerse yourself in it. Read about it, think about it, talk about it, write about it, dream about it. Keep it going until you get it. Don’t let anyone derail you-be like that express train steaming down the tracks.

It is your life. It is your dream so don’t let it slip through your hands-keep your focus on it! Put those blinders on for anything else and keep going.

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