You Are The One…

You are the one… you are the one who has to believe in you. You. Not your aunt, or your cousin (although it is nice if they do) because if you don’t feel it inside then nobody else is going to give that to you.

Look in the mirror now and say it- “I believe in me.”

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Here It Comes Right Back At Ya!

990205258_022It’s coming right back at ya…the thoughts you think and the things you say.

If you stand there criticizing someone you’re not going to get a bouquet of flowers, but you’re just gonna get some of that nasty stuff being thrown right back to you.

Look for the best in others. Build up that best because people will respond in kind and give you their best thoughts and actions in return.

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Keep It In Perspective…

35920022Keep it in perspective…events as they happen in your life. If you have something that is challenging then tackle it piece-by-piece- decide what action you need to take and when you are going to take that action. Then you need to let it go- release it to the Universe. Do the very best you can do to take care of the challenge but let it go.

Saying things like “Well what if it doesn’t work” or “What happens if this happens again” just pump a lot of useless and negative emotions into your equation- destructive stuff to be sure. That kind of thing makes you doubt yourself and throw you in a thousand different directions.

Instead say to yourself “What can I do right now to insure the best possible outcome?”

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Embrace It!


Be ready for it and embrace it…change. Things normally do have to change before they get better, and yes, change can be scary;venturing into the unknown can be unsettling and uncomfortable.But if we can push past these feelings and take a new path then the rewards can be worth it.

So remember, change is a necessary part of life if we are to grow. And from growth comes success and the resolve to continue to move forward.

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Choose Wisely

Choose wisely… where you spend you time and who you spend your time with. Strive to be with like minded people who can support you in your goals. Strive to make the best possible use of each hour of each day- set a schedule if you feel it might help you.

Making the most of your time gives you a feeling of satisfaction and achievement that further helps you continue that pattern. You’ll find that each day you want to do more and more to get to where you want to go.

Spending time with friends who feel that same way helps you as well- because the encouragement is priceless. You help each other. Sure, it’s great to relax (and you should) but you need to divide your time wisely.

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Come On, Get Out There!

990205258_011Come on- get out there! Take that shot! You know what you want to do; you know what you want to accomplish, but it’s not going to happen unless you move- and take that first step.

Is it scary? Yes, definitely. Is it worth it? Yes, most definitely. You have that dream inside just waiting to get out, but you keep pushing it back. “Too scary” you tell yourself. “What if I don’t make it?”

But what if you do make it? Get up and see what awaits you. It may be all you hoped it would be.

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Don’t Take It With You…

990210627_010Don’t take it with you everywhere you go…your past. Don’t sling a big knapsack over your should that’s full of sadness, regret, or anger over issues that may have happened long ago. Just let that bag slide down your arm and leave it there on the pavement. You don’t need it anymore. The past is gone and it is done.

Instead open your arms wide and walk confidently towards a brighter future. You don’t need the bag anymore. Nope- for for one minute.

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