A Whole New World

A whole new world could be open to you…but you must believe. Believe in the good, believe in yourself, believe when they come together they can open doors that previously were closed. Look for miracles and you will see them happening all around you:)

Just Be You

Just be you. Yes, no matter what others say or do the most important thing is to be true to yourself and to what you believe. Yes, you can be cordial to others and you should be but remain true to the dream that is in your heart.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Get out there and get going:)

Find Your Voice

Find your voice. Say what needs to be said, don’t keep pushing your emotions and feelings down until you feel like you’re going to explode.

Say what needs to be said, directly and respectfully. Remember that you matter in this world and what you think matters as well:)

Help Out

Help someone today. It doesn’t matter with what but by doing something to make another person’s day better you often improve your own

We all know someone who could use a hand. So don’t hesitate, jump in:)

Wherever You Go…There You Are!

You think things will change…if you move or buy a new car or get a new wardrobe or mate or…whatever.

The truth is that even if you change those things if you don’t change YOU…then nothing will make a difference!

Take a Vacation…

Take a vacation…from your problems. Toss them aside and spend the day doing what you enjoy doing.Take the worry, the fear, the doubt and whatever else and put it in a big “suitcase” and toss it in the back of the closet.

Now step out into the sun and enjoy yourself!

Form a Habit

Form a habit…a good one. How about reading a chapter of a motivational book each day or learning to meditate for 30 min. a day? How about keeping a journal of all the good things that happen to you? Good habits help propel us on our journey. They reinforce good feelings. Won’t you start one today?

Are You Growing?

Are you growing each day? Are you reaching for the things that mean something to you? Are you greeting each new day with a smile?

You should,because you are worth it. There is no glory in suffering; it makes you feel bad and that’s it. It’s a dead end feeling and there are so many better feelings out there waiting for you to embrace them:)

Keep Searching

Keep searching for those things that make you feel good. Keep looking for that “silver lining” in those dark clouds. Find the good in each situation and build on that.

Playing that “gloom and doom” record over and over in your head just will bring you more, well, gloom and doom:)

Be Clear

Be clear about what you want. Sit down and really think about it. What makes you happy? What would you do, right now, if you could just get up and do it? What are you good at?

There are a myriad of hints all around you that can guide you if you let them. But you must spend the time thinking clearly and intently on what you want and what will serve you best:)