Give It a Try

35920118Give it a try…a new situation. Let me give you an example.

Many years ago, right after my divorce. I wanted to meet someone new, but I just wasn’t looking in the right places. And so, one day I picked up this little magazine called the “”Selling Post” Okay, it sold mostly farm equipment, but on the back page was a dating service. And it was free.

Most of the people I worked with thought I was crazy, that this was no way to meet someone new. But my thought was that I wasn’t having much luck anyway, so why not try it?

I met a lot of nice guys through that magazine; I learned what I liked and didn’t like. and then, I met my husband.

Soon after I got married I noticed that whenever I walked into a room some of the women abruptly stopped reading something and then shoved it hastily into their handbags; it was the “Selling Post.”

Keep an open mind. The situation that you think is a complete waste of your time may turn out to be exactly what you’ve wanted all along.


So Do You?

DSC01638_0049So do you…jump to conclusions? Are you quick to make judgement calls before you have all the facts; often getting upset about a situation or person, when there’s no reason to be? Do you automatically assume the worst without taking the time to think it through and listen to another person’s explanation, and instead talk over them about how bad something is?

Why not take a little time, the next time a similar situation occurs, to stop, to remain calm, and to listen before forming an opinion or talking over another?

You may just find that what has happened is to your benefit. You just might find sound reason in the words of another.

But to do that, you must keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and not “jump” to conclusions!

Okay, If You’re Gonna Keep Doing It…

101_0068Okay if you’re gonna keep on doing it…entertaining the green- eyed monster, that is, then you’re going to stay stuck.

If you lean out the window to look at Paul’s new Mercedes and then think to yourself “Oh man, he doesn’t deserve that…I do!” then that car is just going to move further and further away from you because you believe that all there is is lack in this Universe; Paul has the car you want so that’s it; that’s the last one, and he’s got it! You might as well dust off that old rusty bike in the basement because that’s what you’ll be using.

But if you get up, get dressed, and go out to greet Paul to congratulate him on his brand new car and mean the words you say…then you have just affirmed a bountiful Universe. What Paul has can be yours as well (and no, you don’t have to steal his) In fact, this is your sign that yours is on the way.

It’s up to you really. If you want to be envious and turn green, be my guest.

But if you want to affirm our limitless Universe, then toss that green eyed goopy thing out your door and tell him to get lost. He’s got no place in your life. You’ve got better things to do.

Yup, Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Take a Chance

990204522_021Yup, sometimes ya just gotta take a chance! Sometimes you just have to go for what you want because you feel it in your gut. There’s that little voice inside saying “C’mon, let’s go!” And that voice is getting louder and louder until you can’t ignore it anymore.

Look at our old friend Christopher Columbus. Now there was a guy who listened to his gut. Despite the popular opinion that old Chris would fall off the edge of the world into oblivion, he sailed off anyway.

So, today, why not be like Chris. Instead of falling “flat” you just might find the treasure you seek.

But Is It Really?

101_0097But is it really…is the grass really greener on the “other side” Or do we just think it is?

Sure, we can glance over at that grass and think “Oh man, that grass looks great, I wish I were over there instead of here!”

But the truth is that we all have challenges. They are part of life; part of the process of learning and growing. When you look over at your neighbor, you are only seeing the surface; you have no idea what may lie deeper down; what challenges they may be facing

In fact, they may be looking over at your grass and thinking “Oh man, that grass looks great, I wish I were over there instead of here!”

Learn to love the color of the grass underneath your feet. Your life will be a lot more pleasant and productive when you do.

So How Clear Is It?

990108468_038So how clear is it…your vision, your dream, your goal? Is is crystal clear; every facet of it sparkling in your mind’s eye, in vivid detail? Can you feel it all around you? Is it part of you?

Or is it muddy; changing all the time; peppered with “Oh it can’t be done” or “I can’t do that?” and then left on a dusty shelf while you’re off trying to figure out what you really want to do…only to repeat the same scenario over and over.

The clearer you can make your goals…the more you can see them and feel them and make them part of you…really part of you, then the quicker they will arrive.

But if you’re going to “muddy up” the works then you might have to wait a lot longer.

It All Starts With You

990205258_025It all starts with you…with the belief in yourself and a benevolent Universe which is by your side to guide you.

The power to make your dream a reality has always been in our own two hands, and in our hearts and in our minds. Unfortunately, many people search outside themselves looking for that one “thing” that will make it “pop” for them; searching here and there, not knowing quite where to look, but just hoping whatever spot they choose will be the “right” one.

But many times there is one place where they never look, and that is in the mirror, at the one person who has all the power.

Have you looked in the mirror today?