See It!

See it! See every day as an adventure…as a chance to learn something new or meet new people or see new things. See it as a chance to expand your horizons. Your new adventure starts as soon as you open your eyes tomorrow so get ready!

Before You Do It…

Before you do it…before you fly off the handle…think. Is it going to make the situation better by raving like a maniac? Is it going to help you handle the situation better or will it make it worse? Is it going to make the people around you more cooperative or cause them to get angry as well?

Stop and take a breath first and then decide on the best course of action:)

Have It

Have it…courage. Sometimes we have to swallow hard…and then take a step forward. We might be a little unsure at first but we each step we take we become more confident to keep moving. So take a deep breath and then ready, set, go!

Keep It Going!

Keep it going…don’t do something positive and uplifting one day and then forget about it for a week. Positive habits are anchored by constant repetition, and that may mean doing something good for you even when you don’t feel like it (like exercise, for example)

With repetition these habits will become  part of you and you will start to do them automatically. And when you reach for them without having to think about it your life will change for the better. Just watch and see!


Smile…when people try your patience. When they carry on and complain don’t get drawn into it…keep smiling.

Think of something pleasant or funny and keep your thoughts trained on that. Let the complaining just go. Wish that person well. Maybe they are sad or unhappy and that usually is the case. But whatever the reason, smile and keep your composure:)

Do You Say It Before?

Do you say it before each endeavor…the word “thank you?” When you say thank you before you begin any project you are infusing it with positive expectation; you are expecting the the project will go well.

Try it the next time before you begin something, whether it be of a personal nature or work related.Say thank you in advance and really mean it. The Universe will happily join you in your endeavor and I can’t think of a better partner!

Do You Gossip?

Do you gossip? Do you tell secrets? Or do you only open your mouth to say kind things?

The people you spread gossip with will not hesitate  to gossip about you. When you blab something told to you in confidence it just opens the door for somebody else to blab about something that you told  them in confidence.

Respect other people. Think about how you would feel if your personal business was spread all over the place and then keep your mouth shut:)

Watch It

Watch it…what you think. Your thoughts and feelings shape your day and shape the things that happen to you. So the question is…do you want to create a hell or a paradise?

Are You?

Are you a good friend? Do you take the time to listen and help when you can? Do you encourage?

When you are genuinely helpful to others people will be genuine with you:)

Just Wait…

Just wait…when something happens. Instead of getting upset right away take a while to see how it plays out…sometimes a situation that appears dire at first turns out to be exactly what you needed to get the ball rolling in your direction:)