Notice Them

DSC01699_0015Notice them…your feelings. They are your true barometers; they are your measuring sticks and your compass about the direction you’re going in.

If something doesn’t feel right; if it feels “off” somehow then don’t ignore it. Stop and really think about what you’re doing. If it still makes you uncomfortable then maybe it’s time you changed your path…or at least made a slight adjustment

Give your inner self credit for knowing what’s best for you. Trust it. And go with your gut.

Give Yourself Some…



Give yourself some credit. Credit for the things you do well. Yes, I’m talking to you- don’t look behind you. We all have things we’re good at. But how often do we say something like “oh that, it’s no big deal, anybody can do that, and then we go on to say how wonderfully talented somebody else is. We seem to downplay or discount our talents.

Why? Why should you do that? When someone tells you that you’re a great artist/cook/writer/whatever-it-is why not just say “thank you?” Smile and nod but don’t add to it. It’s not necessary because you are wonderful. Think about it.

Are You Talking About It?

35920024Are you talking about it…the stuff you love, the stuff that makes you happy and smile? Do you share what makes you happy with others as well? Do you take the time to really dwell on the great feelings just thinking about that stuff gives you; and it really does kind of give you a kind of “inner glow” that others seems to notice and are drawn to. When you’re in that kind of “happiness zone” you also seem to attract more happy occurrences towards you.

So…make talking about and thinking about the things you love a regular part of your day!

How Long Will You Hold On?

DSC01667_0034How long will you hold on…to the bad feelings you may have about another? How many seconds, minutes, weeks, months, years (you get the point) will you hang on and remember how bad that person was or how rotten the situation was- even if it has absolutely no bearing on your life as you know it today?

And you know what I’m talking about- if you haven’t experienced it you’ve seen it…your aunt complaining about what her best friend did to her twenty years ago…and her friend has been dead for the last ten. But she still carries on, and in your voice you can hear the hurt and how badly it makes her feel…but she keeps on anyway. And this is just an example- it could also be you carrying on about what someone might have said or done;just hurting yourself, really.

Stop and think…is this really getting you anywhere? You know, if someone hurt you through their words or deeds and you can still discuss it with them calmly…then do so. Talk it out. Resolve it and move on. But if that is not possible then let it go. Free yourself from all that unnecessary pain because you don’t deserve it. You deserve to feel good about yourself and the world around you.

What Are You Waiting For?

DSC01702_0012Ya know, the time is now. Not tomorrow, not next month or next year.

I was just chatting with a friend of mine and he told me his sister-in-law recently passed away only days after realizing her dream of moving to Florida.

For years she would say “I’m gonna do it…next year.” And then next year would roll around and there she was, still in a town she didn’t want to live in anymore. And this went on for years until finally…she did it.

And she was only able to enjoy her new home and her orange tree for five days before she passed away suddenly.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Are You Looking?

990205258_004Are you looking…and noticing the signs around you? Or do you think the Universe doesn’t hear you?

Your sign could be as subtle as a song on the radio or an overheard conversation. Or it could be more direct.

A few months ago, my friend had been laid off and looking for a job. She was frustrated. Everywhere she went they were just not hiring. As we sat together enjoying a cup of coffee she said to me “do you think I should try an employment agency?” I told her it couldn’t hurt but then she said “if that’s the right way to go I’ll see a sign.” Now that sounded really good to me.

For the next few days everywhere she went she saw a sign for “xyz employment services” On a park bench. On the side of a bus. As she sat at the beach she heard the sound of a small plane overhead and it was pulling a banner that said “:Looking for work? We can help you!” And it was from that same employment agency. She had her sign.

Oh, and a new job too; they helped her get exactly what she was looking for.

Yup, sometimes those signs can be subtle but then again…

Keep It

35920118Keep it… your focus.

As your day unfolds keep your eye on your prize. Focus on your goal and with that end result in mind be mindful of the cues you get from the Universe and follow them. When you are concentrating on your goal there are often little thoughts that pop into your head as to what your next action should be and taking those cues is called “inspired action.”

Listen to those cues. Let them guide you. But remember, let that focus prevail. A mind that is scattered all over the place will never choose the road that is right for it.

Look Around

990108468_038Look around…at your world, at what’s happening in it.

If something’s not going as you thought it might; as you were hoping it might, then stop and think for a moment…maybe the Universe is trying to tell you something. Maybe it’s a sign an “indicator” that you might want to change directions; perhaps there’s something better waiting to come your way.

And sometimes it’s not a big sign. But it gets your attention and you stop and think to yourself “hey, wait a minute; this isn’t turning out the way I thought it would. It just doesn’t feel right to me anymore. Something’s off.”

Don’t dismiss this feeling but instead “sit” with it and see what comes. It just may be a sign to set your sail to a different wind.

Just Try It!

35920037Just try it…being grateful. C’mon- you can do it! Just think of one thing you are grateful for right now. Someone you love? A pet? The weather? What you’re wearing? Name something.

Okay, I saw you smile (yes I can see you from here) and you thought of something didn’t you? Now just take a few moments to dwell on that thing you’re appreciative of. Feels pretty good doesn’t it?

Now, pick something else and keep it going…

Be True To Yourself

35920022Be true to yourself…and what you believe in no matter what anybody else has to say about it.

You will always find people who think the path you’re on is the wrong one; maybe they think it’s silly or useless or that you should be doing something different. Maybe you’ve chosen a different way. But that doesn’t make you wrong.

The only time you are “wrong” is when you don’t listen to your heart, pushing aside what its telling you is right for you. It knows best. It always does.