Open Your Mind

Open your mind (and heart) to everything you experience. You never know where that road will lead you. It could be right where you want to be. But if spend your time evaluating and judging you just might miss the boat- the one with your name on it:)

Test the Limits

What can you do? How far can you go? Only as far as you can imagine so if you see nothing then you’ll get…nothing. But if your imagination is alive with what could be.. if your imagination is on fire and your hand is cramped from writing it all down then you’re creating your reality.. and there’s a future for you.

So think about this- do you dream? Do you embrace those dreams? They were put in your head for a reason so don’t dismiss them- for when they’re gone you will miss them (hey that rhymes)Keep your dreams alive:)

There’s Usually a Lesson Here

Yep. Sometimes bad things happen. But there is usually a lesson to be learned here. Things like “what can i do better next time” or “what can I learn from this”

Going down the wrong path just means you might not choose to travel in the same direction again. You may want to try a new direction. You might want to implement a new plan. You might say to yourself “well, this didn’t work but let me try it this way>”

Lets face it- each day is an experience and what you get out of it is all in how you look at it:)

Ya Gotta Believe

Ya gotta believe… in yourself. Yes, believing in Santa is very nice but Santa has his own gig and you have yours. Did you ever stop to think that you have more faith in the guy up the block who mows the lawn in his underwear than you do in yourself?

You should be your biggest fan. You should treat yourself well. You should have faith in the decisions you make and have the courage to see them through. Sure, its good to have faith in others but cut yourself some slack- you’re pretty terrific you know:)

New Day

It’s a new day for ALL of us. What happened yesterday doesn’t matter unless you want it to. if what happened yesterday enriches your life then let it stay in your life. Good for you! But if what happened yesterday makes you doubtful or worried then toss it out and create a new happier, more productive tomorrow. You deserve the best so you decide:)

Try It

Just for today do something you’ve been wanting to do. It doesn’t have to be anything big, or expensive, or time consuming but just one little thing that keeps popping up in your head- you know the one I’m talking about- the one that wakes you up in the middle of the night and you say “yeah, I’m gonna get to that…soon.” Make soon today, for when you do the things you like to do it shows you value yourself, and people who value themselves do well in life:)

Let it Unfold

Yeah, the day is hectic. And yes, you feel like “this can’t get any worse.” You run around like a chicken with your head cut off. Yelling and screaming.

Does this sound like you? So let me ask you- how many times have you gotten riled up, have you yelled and screamed only to find that the next day things turned out just fine or even better than you thought? So here’s a hint- let it happen as it’s supposed to. The Universe always has your back. Let it work for you and you’ll take a lot less aspirin for that headache that you don’t need to have!