Break Time…


Break time-we all need some. We all need and deserve some relaxation but many times we deny ourselves thinking we’ll get more done by working more quickly and longer. But a tired mind and spirit delivers little power. It’s like an engine struggling to get uphill when it’s almost out of gas.

Don’t be like that engine. Stop, rest, and recoup. Do something you enjoy and don’t feel guilty about it.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the renewed energy you have and all that you can get accomplished if you take things in stride. So the next time you start to feel pressured and overwhelmed, stop for a little R&R

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Ya Gotta Have Some…

Ya gotta have some…enthusiasm. You have to have a zest for life and an appreciation of all the good things already in your life- if you want to enjoy it.

Sometimes it means being happy over little things- like a sunny day or a warm breeze. And many times it means making a conscious effort to shift the way we we from kind of “blah” to feeling optimistic about the day and all it brings.

Making an effort to be enthusiastic can make the difference between a gray day and a great day!

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How Long…


How long will you hold on…to the bad feelings you may have about another? How many seconds, minutes, weeks, months, years (you get the point) will you hang on and remember how bad that person was or how rotten the situation was- even if it has absolutely no bearing on your life as you know it today?

And you know what I’m talking about- if you haven’t experienced it you’ve seen it…your aunt complaining about what her best friend did to her twenty years ago…and her friend has been dead for the last ten. But she still carries on, and in your voice you can hear the hurt and how badly it makes her feel…but she keeps on anyway. And this is just an example- it could also be you carrying on about what someone might have said or done;just hurting yourself, really.

Stop and think…is this really getting you anywhere? You know, if someone hurt you through their words or deeds and you can still discuss it with them calmly…then do so. Talk it out. Resolve it and move on. But if that is not possible then let it go. Free yourself from all that unnecessary pain because you don’t deserve it. You deserve to feel good about yourself and the world around you.

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Each One…


Every day- is a chance to be the person you were meant to be. It’s always a clean slate to start over of you believe it to be.

It doesn’t how mad you got, what you said, what you did (or didn’t do)- you don’t have to stay stuck there. You ALWAYS have the ability to choose new words, new thoughts and new actions. ALWAYS.

Think about it.

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If You’re Gonna Be A Grump…

b215a04d-4bf9-4535-88dd-877297f7b014_0012If you’re gonna be a grump, then prepared to be around grumpy people. If you walk around saying things like “I hate all people” then you’re going to spend lots of time on your own.

I had a friend years ago who told me everyone around her was always in a mood. One day, i was at another friends house and we were having a lively, pleasant conversation. Then my friend walked in. Slamming the door she said loudly “I can’t believe all that damn traffic out there- why don’t more of these ******** people stay home and off the roads!”

The whole atmosphere of the room changed and so she walked over to me and said “You see, what I told you is true- these people are always grumpy.

Think about it.

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Write On It…

Vibrant Sun 2Write on it…write your dreams and goals  on this brand new day. Each day is a gift, and we need to see it that way instead of just trudging through to the next day and the next and the next. These days need to be cherished and looked upon with enthusiasm and positivity.

When we see each day as a gift and a fresh start, then we can realize our full potential.

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Just Take Another One…

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESJust take another one…just one more- even when you feel your road is at an end. Far too many times, we quit when success was just around the corner- in fact it waves at us but we’re too busy turning around to notice it.

Before we quit we need to ask ourselves if we’ve even climbed one step. If we have the dream; if we have the idea then it IS worth the effort to climb.

Don’t let your dream die an early death.

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You Know You Can!

DSC01699_0015You know you can…make it a great day. You know you have the power in your own two hands to make or break your day.

It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday. It doesn’t matter what happened last week- what matters is today- right now- in this new day. You can do it and you are worth that effort.

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Here It Is!

990204522_021Here it is…your brand new day. Here it is all shiny and new and ready for you to take it and make it your own. So, whatever happened last week learn for it and move on. Take the good and use it but just kick the bad aside. You don’t need it to get in your way. You have a brand new path to walk on- one to make a difference on. It is yours and you can make that difference.

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Don’t Keep Going Back There

990205258_022Don’t keep going back there…the past. you’d be surprised how many people spend considerable there, but it’s not a pleasant experience- most of the time they are reliving old hurts, revisiting bad memories. None of those things will help you today. None. Zero. Zilch.

Reliving old hurts doesn’t give you the strength to move forward- it holds you back. Feeling bad will never, ever help you get into a good feeling place. But if there is a warm and fuzzy memory for you then by all means scoop it up and carry it with you. Always. Remember it often and the GOOD feelings it gives to you.

Leave the other stuff there. You don’t need it.

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