It’s Like Santa Claus

990108468_026I was in the mall today and I was watching a little boy sit on Santa’s lap and tell him exactly what he wanted for Christmas. He left nothing out; in fact, he had a pretty long list. He looked right at Santa in positive expectation that each thing he asked for would be waiting for him under his Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

And I got to thinking, as I ate my pretzel on a nearby bench, that Santa Claus is like the Universe; we give it a list of what we want, in vivid detail just like that little boy, and we expect that we will get what we ask for.

The little boy has it exactly right…a kind of “ask and you shall receive” kind of thing.

He’s got it right…but do we? Are we asking and expecting that it will be ours?

And there’s one more thing…we don’t have to wait until Christmas morning, the Universe is open 24/7.

So go ahead and ask…operators are standing by.

It’s All In Your Perception

990105679_002It’s all in how you see things…how things unfold for you in life.

If you see everything as annoying, if you are annoyed at everything, well then, it’s gonna keep happening to you…more stuff coming your way to get you mad.

The guy in front of you takes an extra 3 seconds to go when the light turns green; you lean on the horn…you’re annoyed.

The lady in front of you at the deli counter decides at the last minute that she wants a lb. of Swiss cheese and you have to wait another minute…you’re annoyed.

The guy in the drive-though line is ordering too many things in your estimation and should park and go inside the store…you had to wait an extra 90 seconds…you’re annoyed.

And now these people have gone on their merry way enjoying their day…but you’re not because you’re still annoyed.

So, you have a choice. You can either change your perspective on the things that happen during the day; you can let it roll off your back and then walk away smiling…

Or you can be annoyed.

Your choice.

Are You Using It Well?

KoalaAre you using it well… your imagination? Are you using it to zoom in on the things you want,painting a colorful picture of what you want your life to be like? Are you painting smiles and happiness? Are you using it to focus in on your goals in great detail?

Good for you!

But if you’re using it and the pictures you’re painting are sad or dull or boring to you…like watching paint dry, then it’s time to spice it up!

Really get into it and see your life the way you want it to be. Put some color in there. Put some smiles in there. Take that dull and boring stuff out of there and toss it away.

You don’t want dull! You don’t want sad or boring either.

So get to work.

So What Are You Talking About?

35920064So what are you talking about? What kind of words are pouring out of your mouth?

Are you talking happily; using words like “love” and “kind” and :grateful”, you know, stuff like that?

Or do you say words like “hate” and “angry” and “hopeless”, you know, stuff like that?

The words that come out of your mouth help form your world. So what do you want your world to look like; to feel like? Do you want a world that’s sunny and where you can smile and be happy?

Or do you want one filled with darkness and cobwebs, one that is icy cold and lonely?

Your words will help decide that for you; they will help you decide where you hang your hat.

Happy Thanksgiving!

HydrangeasHappy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it. Remember this is a day to be grateful, so put aside any ill feelings you may have and concentrate on all you have to be happy for.

As an old friend of mine once said, “Being grateful for the little things paves the way for the big things to come your way.”

Remember that today; those are very wise words indeed.

Are You Paying Attention?

990105679_004Are you paying attention…to the lessons life teaches you, or do you just feel that nothing ever goes your way? Do you stop to think about what you could learn from a situation, or do you just assume it’s all bad and just feel sorry for yourself?

Each situation in life can teach us something if we’re open to it. It might even be a lesson in how not to do things but that can often be a very valuable lesson indeed.

So, the next time, before you run around yelling and screaming about something that might not have gone as you thought it would, think about how you could make it better next time around.

Yes, it takes patience and a willingness to do that; we are sometimes so conditioned to just get mad that we just never think there’s any other way to be…but there is.

Why not try it the next time you think life is presenting you with some “hard knocks” and see if you can soften them up a little.

What Frequency Are You On?

990205258_030What frequency are you on? What station are you tuned into?

Are you on a higher frequency, one of love or gratitude or enthusiasm? Do you jump up each morning just waiting to greet the new day and get going? It feels good to be tuned into one of those stations, doesn’t it?

Or are you are one of those lower frequencies, tuned into one of those stations that has so much static on them that no one listens to them; they just get passed over. You know those stations- they have names like fear and guilt and anger. When you’re there you don’t feel very good, it’s like being in some kind of “twilight zone” and you don’t know which end is up. You just kind of go around in circles just hoping to break out of it and get moving again.

But what frequency you spend the most time on is totally up to you. I know which one I’m going for.