Follow Your Destiny

Do you listen to that little voice inside your head? Do you listen to your heart? Is it reminding you that that there’s something you want to do, maybe something you’ve been thinking about for a long time?

We have intuition for a reason. Many times it tells us a direction to take that will make us happy,but then we listen to another voice, the voice of doubt or of what other people might think. Is doubt or the opinions of others worth more to you than your own happiness? it shouldn’t. If you find an idea that makes you happy and that keeps popping up in your mind, then maybe it’s time to follow your destiny and listen to your heart:)

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Do You Need An Adjustment?

Do you need an adjustment? On your attitude, I mean? Do you go through your day with a smile on your face,expecting the best, reaching for the best, and do it joyfully? Do you meet each day with excitement about what will happen? Is each day an adventure? No, you don’t need one-you’re doing great!

Do you go through your day like sludge going through a pipe? Is everything a hassle for you? Do you keep saying you wished you’d stayed in bed? Is everyone you meet mean? (could be that scowl on your face) Is everything going wrong and you refuse to see what’s right?

Hope up on the table, my friend, you need an attitude adjustment:)

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Relationship. When I say the word what thought comes to your mind? The relationship with your husband/wife? How about the one with your kids, your parents, the neighbors up the street, your co workers, or your Aunt Fannie? I’m not talking about ANY of those. I’m talking about your relationship with yourself.

Yes, you need to have a good one because if you don’t then NO OTHER relationship will work. You need to love yourself, value yourself and treat yourself the way you would your best friend. When you don’t think highly of yourself then how can you respect other people? When you don’t think highly of yourself then how will you do things to make yourself happy and successful in life? If you walk with your shoulders slumped and your head down who is going to want to talk to you? If you can’t stand yourself how are you going to nurture your body and your mind? Get up, walk over to that mirror and look yourself in the eye. Tell yourself “I love you. You are a wonderful, capable person.” Say it over and over until it sticks. Say it every day many times a day. You think it’s stupid? Let me tell you what I think is stupid. Going through life being far less than you are capable of being. Now get up and get over to that mirror:)

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Stay Away

They are all around you. Negative people. The people who like to play the game called “my life is worse than yours” We all have heard it. He says “look at this” She says “Oh yeah, you think this is bad, how about this!” What a prize! They can keep it. And don’t buy into it. Look for the best in every situation. When someone complains, don’t answer and walk away of you can. Your thoughts control your life so if others want to be miserable then let them:)

In case you were wondering, yes this is a picture of the Amityville Horror house.

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Get Started!

Okay, you keep saying it-I’m going to keep a journal, i’m going to start exercising, I’m going to start on that project. But you say that everyday! And everyday,well, nothing happens. Why? You know you want to do it. You know it would be good for you. So what do you need? A reminder?

Well here is your reminder! Today’s the day. So pick up that journal or grab those sneakers, or go get that hammer-it’s time. Yes, I’m taking to you. Do it now!

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Open the Window

If you want to change the way you think-open the window and let a breeze in. On that breeze are new thoughts, and new ways of doing things. A change is in the air but you must embrace it first. Don’t be afraid, let those ideas come in and change your life for the better. Staying inside a stifling room won’t help-it might feel comfortable but it won’t change a thing. It’s time you took the chance- the chance to change for good!

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Friends- they help us through any situation. They act as sounding boards for our ideas, and they are with us when we laugh and cry. They are with us in times of joy and sorrow. Do you think you can live without them? You know what they say-no man is an island. And it’s true. So cultivate some good friends today and you’ll be glad you did:)

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Trust- it’s so important.¬† When you get in your car you trust that it will get you there safely. When you fly in a plane you trust that the pilot knows what he/she is doing. You also need to trust in your abilities. You really can do what you set your mind to do. The same way you don’t think twice about trusting your car you need to trust yourself. Trust your ideas. Take them all the way. Don’t quit in the middle of something because somebody else tells you it’s useless. Trust your gut and go with it. Your own gut and not somebody else. Try it.

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Take a day to relax. Empty your mind of all your worries, cares, ambitions, fears- the whole enchilada. take the time to just “be” Realize that you are perfect just as you are, and that truthfully, you don’t have to change a thing-unless you want to. But let’s leave that for another day, so for today, stretch, sigh, relax¬† and forget about it.It will still be there tomorrow:)

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Uniquely You

You are an individual with your own hopes, dreams, desires, goals, and opinions. They make you who you are. Don’t let anyone else “rain on your parade.” Remember that what you are and what you want are important! No matter what anyone says. They are entitled to their opinions but you don’t have to buy into it. Their way doesn’t have to be YOUR way. Stay on your road and don’t let anyone try to make you detour. Believe in yourself for you are a unique individual and there is no one quite like you. So be proud of yourself:)

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