It Sure Helps…

35920022It sure helps…being thankful. It just makes you feel better, more calm, more peaceful, and just makes you glad to be alive.

Think about the times that you have been thankful for something. Think about the way you felt. Think about the actions you then took as a result of feeling good. You took some great steps, right? You probably got a lot more done than if you sat around feeling sorry for yourself, right?

Let’s all shift our focus towards being thankful today and then we’ll make it a great day!

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Keep It In Perspective

990205258_023Keep it in perspective- things that happen in your life. In other words- don’t sweat the small stuff.

So many times, we can take a minor inconvenience like running out of milk or maybe even a flat tire and blow it up out of proportion. It’s the end of the world to us- and we tell ourselves things like that too- until we’ve worked ourselves up into a frenzy.

And then after it’s done we finally calm down. But is it really worth all that time being upset? Absolutely not.

So next time,let’s think about the situation and ask ourselves “Is this really worth getting upset over? Is this really something I can’t handle? Chances are the voice you will hear will say “Of course not! You got this.”

Listen to that voice…

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It Goes A Long Way

A little goes a long way- love and caring. It really does. It creates bridges between people. It creates smiles and warm, fuzzy feelings that inspire us to do better in life. It gives us reasons to move forward.

Love just makes everything better and let’s face it- we feel good bout ourselves and our world when we extend good feelings out to those around us.

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It’s A Journey

990205258_011It’s a journey- life. It’s all about the experiences and learning. And sometimes it can be a little on the rough side; sometimes we can feel “beaten down.”

But, ya know, if we just keep going and seeing each experience as a chance to learn and grow then our journey will be a lot smoother.

It seems to always boil down into how we look at things that determine our experiences.

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Happy Sunday!

990205258_034Happy Sunday! Have a wonderful day, be kind to yourself and others and remember to smile. You deserve a great day and you have the power to make it one. Enjoy.

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Just Hang In There!

35920025Just hang in there- when things don’t seem to go your way. Life is funny sometimes, and the changes you dread might just be the changes you need to occur in order to get where you want to go.

So go with it. See where it leads you. It might just lead you down the primrose path- the one you’re looking for.

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Open Up To It

990205258_004Open up to it…optimism. Optimism can change your life for the better.

Sure, optimists know they’ll be times when things don’t go exactly as planned, but instead of becoming overwhelmed, they adapt. Perhaps find a new way. Perhaps it means going in a different direction, but they stand ready to take action, perhaps a little bent and bruised but still ready to move forward. That’s what sets them apart from the less optimistic group- when disappointment hits they just wallow in it, immobilized. And that gets you nowhere fast so…

Be an optimist!

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It Always Does

990204522_021It always does- the sun rises in the morning; in the dawn of a brand new day. It signals a new beginning for all of us.

Yes, our days can have their ups-and-downs and maybe you had a day that wasn’t exactly perfect, but the sun brings a fresh slate with it. It’s for you to create a new day.

So even if today wasn’t your best day ever- tomorrow could be.

Remember that.

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Hold It In Your Hands

990204104_012Hold it in your own hands- happiness. Don’t hand it over to somebody else and then let them be in charge of it for you. You know what I mean- then you’ll only be happy if somebody else says you can be.

Nope, tuck your happiness in close to your heart. It is yours. Happiness is made by you and for you. You decide what makes you happy. You decide when to be happy.

You can spread happiness around, but keep a little bit of it for you.

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Don’t Get It Started

990210627_010Don’t let it get started- the critical voice within you. You may not notice when it creeps up on you because it doesn’t announce itself- it doesn’t say ‘Oh hey, here I am, the voice that tells you that you can’t do something, so you’d better ignore me!”

Nope, it starts by lowering your energy and putting you in a bad mood, or even making you sad. And from this place of not feeling so good hen the voice starts “Oh come on, really? You think you can do (fill in the blank) But you can’t because you’re stupid!

And then you start to buy into it, feeling worse and worse. And then that critical voice wins.

So next time you start to feel bad, stop right where you are and yell :Oh no critical voice you’re not getting me today!” Then get up, put on some loud music, run around the block, or do whatever it takes to send the critical voice away before it takes hold of you.

You deserve better than that.

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