Each One

DesertEach day…every single one…brings with it a fresh opportunity and a chance at a new start.

No matter what happened the day before, when that sun peaks over the horizon and you open your eyes it is a chance to begin again.

Remember that always…no defeat is final. Hope rides on the rising sun to light your way to a brand new day!

Listen To It

101_0101Listen to it…your inner voice; your inner compass. It keeps trying to talk to you…to guide you and comfort you and show you a better way but you must listen first.

Don’t let the sounds of daily life drown that voice out until it gives up trying. Keep your heart and mind peeled to hear it because it speaks the truth.

It’s Okay…

4e6d4b0d-b80e-4906-b7da-85d79391cbc2_0005It’s okay…to spend the day relaxing and recharging your mental batteries. It’s okay to walk in the park or spend the day with a good book. It’s okay to allow yourself a little break.

So, if you feel the need to slow down then do so. Your body may be sending you a message that it needs a little rest. Listen to it.

So, put on your slippers and make that cup of tea or whatever you find comforting because it’s okay.

Switch It Up!

35920035Switch it up…your daily routine. And you can start by saying ” starting today I will” and then you fill in the blanks.

Is there a something you want to change? Is there something you want to do but haven’t gotten to it yet? Is there something that you always preface with “maybe tomorrow”

Well, you can start today!

Flip That Switch!

990205258_030Flip that switch…to the off position and shut off that anger before it ruins your day.

Guy cut you off in traffic?…let it go. Count to ten and let that feeling pass. stub your toe? Breathe in and out…the pain will go away. Have you ever noticed that when you start jumping around and cursing that the pain seems to get worse and then you get madder and madder and then…the day goes downhill.

You have a choice when something happens that could potentially anger you. You can choose to get mad and that sets the stage for more anger to be part of your day. Or you can shrug it off and let it go…and see how peaceful it feels. See how much smoother you day starts to go when you deliberately place your thoughts in a better, calmer place.

Can You See It?

ChrysanthemumCan you see yourself doing what you really want to do? Can you envision it? Can you see it in your mind and in your mind’s eye touch it and experience it?

Karen Ford tells us “People will never attain what they cannot see themselves doing”

Make it a point today, in fact right now if you can, to review what you want and spend your time visualizing it.

If it is a little tough a first, then find a quiet place, put on some soft background music, light a candle and concentrate on the flame. Let your mind drift at first but then start to focus on what you want.

The more you can do this the more you help bring your dream to life instead of leaving in the back of a dark, dusty closet never to experience the light of day.

Leave It There

990204522_065Leave the past…in the past. Don’t drag it around you like old Ebenezer Scrooge did in “A Christmas Carol”

We can’t change the events of yesterday, or last week, or last year. But we can learn and grow from those events to make a better and brighter tomorrow if we heed the lessons the past teaches us.

But then we must break free of those chains and set out on a shiny, new, path.

Get Yourself Out

990204522_019Get yourself out…of that negative rut by saying “thank you”

Say it aloud and to yourself. In fact, each day list at least ten things (go for more, even) if the things you are grateful for. No matter how small, these “thank you’s” build up that positive vibration.

For example, I just had a tasty corn on the cob so I said to myself “thank you” This morning the man I usually buy the newspaper from came right over to my car so I didn’t even have to get out and he had a big smile on his face…he got a loud “thank you”

And that sets the tone for a positive, uplifting day.

Take the Time

ab7909f7-319d-4e14-85f2-a242a858f7ff_0031Take the time…to re-evaluate your goals regularly. What you may have wanted five years  ago may no longer be what you desire today.

Take the time to really think (and write down) about what makes you happy, what you have a natural ability for (and we all have talents) and how you could incorporate them more strongly in your life.

See these goals clearly Spend time with them in your mind. Seek out those who can help you on your way.

You know, deep in your heart and mind, what feels right to you, you just need to recognize it and make it a priority in your life.


Ask Yourself

HydrangeasAre you asking yourself the right questions each day? Or do you just complain when things don’t go as planned?

Ask yourself “what can I do today to help me move closer to where you want to be” Or “what thoughts would make me feel better about myself and/or the situation I’m in now”

When you ask the right questions the answers will come from a very willing Universe. But you must ask…and then listen.