Are You Putting It Off?

LighthouseAre you putting it off? The things you want to do; the things that matter to you and are important to you?

It’s important to live today because it has been said that “tomorrow is promised to no one.”

Waiting to live is like waiting to take your first breath. Don’t let today slip by.

Happy Easter!

TulipsHappy Easter to all who celebrate it. And, if you don’t, have a great day anyway.  Remember to take the time to smile and be kind today to yourself and to others who may need some kindness. Your kindness will always be returned to you.



DSC01641_0046When you feel shaky and unsure concentrate on something you do well. This will help build your confidence and enable you to go on. Norman Vincent Peale, in his book “Positive Imaging” tells us that if you bake cookies well, then bake them…often,even if you give them away. The satisfaction of doing a task well puts you in a better frame of mind and helps you to be successful at doing other things that you may not be so sure of.

Try it, it works and check out Dr. Peale’s books as well- he is my favorite author.

You Should

35920050You should be good to yourself. Even if it’s a small thing like a cup of your favorite coffee or  maybe buying an issue of your favorite magazine or a book you’ve been wanting to read.

Doing nice things for yourself is important because YOU are important. Doing nice things for yourself makes you feel good and when you are in a better frame of mind everything seems easier.

So don’t discount yourself. Don’t put those things off that bring a smile on your face because you think they’re trivial. They are not trivial and you deserve them.

Where’s Your Focus?

990205258_012Where’s your focus? What do you dwell on? Do you keep track of your goals or do they change everyday?

Knowing what you want and keeping your “eye on the prize” makes all the difference. Changing your mind frequently only leads to confusion.

Take some time to really think about what you want and where you want to go. You know the things you like and what makes you happy. You’ve always known. What are the things that make you smile big and bring a twinkle in your eye? Those are the things that deserve your concentration.

Just because Sylvia wants to live in Phoenix doesn’t mean you have to, when all the while you’ve been dreaming of Seattle.

Listen to your heart. It will not fail you.

Count Them

ChrysanthemumCount them… your blessings, all you have to be grateful for. Now don’t shake your head at me- I can see you from here. We ALL have things to be grateful for but how often we choose to out our focus elsewhere.

Try shifting that focus today. Don’t want to go to work? How many have no job at all? Annoyed at something your husband/wife said? How many sit by a headstone to talk to their mate? Car not quite the make/model you prefer? How many walk in the cold and rain because they have no car at all?

Think about it…really think about it. Celebrate what is good in your life.

Are You Holding On?

101_0061Are you holding on to an old grudge? Are you re-living an old argument in your head over and over? Are you refusing to speak with somebody or get together with them?

Why? Holding onto old hurts is like hitting yourself in the head with a frying pan over and over. Unless you like having a headache or bumps on your head it’s not a positive thing to do.

What IS positive is holding out the olive branch. Make that connection. Make that call. Mend that bridge. It will make you and the other person feel a lot better. The frying pan…use it for cooking and not to beat yourself up:)