So Will You Ride It Out?

990210627_010So will you ride it out…the “storm” that sometimes comes along when people don’t like your ideas? Will you step out to claim them or will you let criticism stop you; will you let it be drowned by “you can’t do that” or “it will never work”

I read somewhere that an idea goes through three phases:

You can’t do that- it’s impossible

Maybe it can work but on a very limited basis

I knew it was a great idea all along

Don’t wait for phase three- follow your heart now!

So, Do You Know?

DSC01637_0050Do you know what you’re good at and what comes natural for you? Spend a little time thinking about this.

William Matthews tells us “One well cultivated talent, deepened and enlarged is worth one hundred shallow faculties”

When we’re doing things we’re good at we seem to be in a natural flow and that enables us to get better and better at it, helping others as well as ourselves.

So why force something that may not be a good fit for you? Go with what feels right.

Do You Reach Out?

990108468_034Today I read a story about a teacher who helped a little boy when everyone else thought he would fail in life. Each day she worked with the little boy and each day he absorbed more and more of what he was being taught. They never thought the little boy would ever get through high school.

He kept in touch with his teacher to let her know¬† he did graduate high school and wanted to go a little further. A few years later he wrote to tell her he got his bachelor’s degree and thanked her for believing in him. “Just a little further” he said again.

Some time had passed and he wrote again, this time the letters “M.D.” followed his name and he again praised her for making a difference in his life.

This teacher’s attention made all the difference.

Ask yourself today- “what difference can I make in the life of someone else? What can I do to make someone’s day brighter?”

Are You Seeing It?

DesertAre you seeing it? Are you seeing obstacles as opportunities for growth?

Thomas Carlyle said ” The block of granite that was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak becomes a stepping stone in the pathway of the strong”

Which do you choose to be…the weak or the strong?

Are You Hanging On?

990108468_036Are you hanging on…to old hurts and arguments? Are you refusing to forgive; reliving an unpleasant past over and over again? Have you dug your heels in and refuse to budge?

D.L. Moody tells us “I believe a great many prayers are not unanswered because we are unwilling to forgive someone.”

You can’t claim a bright future if you are clinging to dark events of the past.

Let go and forgive…you’ll both feel better for it!

Are You Focusing On Joy?

KoalaAre you focusing on joy? When you say your affirmations and set your goals do you do it from a happy,joyful state of mind? Or do you work from a place of anger or worry?

If you feel sad or down do something first that elevates your mood…in fact, if you can that’s a great time for a nap.

Always set your goals and say your affirmations from a positive place, a happy state of mind. it is from that place that they have real power.

Do You?

35920118Do you…help others? Or do you go through life saying “poor me” and never giving a second thought to those who may be in pain or trouble?

Man years ago a wise man was asked what he should do when he felt nervous, as if his world was crashing in around him. And the man replied that he should lock up his house and go find someone who needs his help.

Mother Teresa said “Unless life is lived for others it is not worthwhile. A self centered life is totally empty”

Reach out to someone who needs you today and you’ll help improve TWO lives..