Let It Drift Away

990108468_041Let it drift away- all that stuff from your past that you carry around with you- stuff that us not helping you now but only hurting you. You know the things I mean- things that happened years ago involving people who either forgot all about it or may not even be on this plane of existence anymore. But it’s stuff you keep playing over and over again in your head and each time you relive it it’s like the first time, with all the hurt and pain fresh, ripping open old wounds. And why really?Is it helping you feel good bout yourself and your world so you can move forward? Is it giving you the confidence to close that sale or make that presentation or ask your boss for a raise? Does it make you feel great to keep going over it? I don’t think so and be honest- you don’t either.

So now, in the theater of your mind, scoop it up and place it gently on the waves and let it float out to sea where hopefully it will drift out into the major shipping lanes and be run over; And then you know you’ve seen the last of it

Hang In There

35920007Hang in there- with your idea, your goal, your dream. And don’t give up. If you feel it deep in your heart then you know it’s the right thing and you need to keep going- no matter what anybody says.

Look at our friend Thomas Edison here. It took him countless attempts to invent the light bulb. Many people thought he was crazy and he was wasting his time. if he had given up you would be reading this by candlelight right about now.

Step Back When Needed

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESStep back when needed- from a problem to get some fresh insight. When you’re feeling frustrated or nervous or angry- you know the feeling- like there’s a brick wall in front of you and you can’t get through it and you can’t see around it because it’s just there taking up your whole field of vision. Step back from it.

That’s the time to say “Okay wall, I’m going to leave you alone for the rest of the day. I’m going to go home, relax, get a good night’s sleep and tomorrow I’ll be back.”

When tomorrow dawns go back to your “wall” but bring two things with you – your mental “sledge hammer” to knock it down and your mental “rope” to climb over it. And you can decide which to use to say “bye, bye, wall.” With a new day you’ll have new perspective.

Make It A Point

35920022Make it a point to take time for yourself. You matter and your well- being, emotional and physical matters too.

Running around and pushing yourself as hard as you can won’t make you more productive or happy. Most of the time it becomes hard to think when you’re running on just a few hours sleep. That’s when mistakes are made and work has to be done over, and that’s just another source of frustration.

Pace yourself and schedule time into your day to step back and do something you enjoy. It is not a waste of time but instead is probably one of the most productive things you can do and you will enjoy it as well.

Speak Up!

015Speak up when you have something to say. There’s nothing wrong with speaking your mind it just depends on how you say it.

Being respectful and getting to the heart of the issue without adding a lot of hurtful personal or snide comments is key. Listening to the response without getting defensive is up there too. And sometimes you have to agree to disagree.

But cupping your hands over your head and saying “I don’t hear you! I don’t hear you!” won’t get you very far nor will tantrums so leave them out of it for beat results.

Give Yourself Some Credit

101_0150Give yourself some credit- for the things you do well. And you do many things well. You do.

The trouble is that many people tend to undervalue the things they’re good at and overvalue the things they’re not. Ron built an extra room onto his home all by himself and he did a great job, but he says “Oh, it was no big deal.” And, unfortunately he means it. He thinks anyone can do it. But we know that is not true.I couldn’t do it, could you? Ron is a talented guy but he pushes any compliments aside that he gets about his work. He minimizes them. And you know what? He feels bad because of it, instead of stepping back and admiring what he’s done and being grateful for that talent.

You don’t have to brag incessantly about everything you do but appreciate your talents and celebrate them!

Green’s A Pretty Color But Not On Your Face…

DSC01667_0034Green’s a pretty color but not on your face. It’s a great color in nature, and for a sweater, or a car. But not on your face (unless it’s eye shadow; some shades look really nice) But not on your face.

When you are envious of another, green is on your face. All over it. And it looks bad and you know what? It feels bad too. It does not come from a place of confidence. It does not come from a place of gratitude.

You know, there really is enough to go around for everybody. Be happy for others and not envious. It feels better and it opens up that channel of giving from our friend the Universe.

Keep green off your face. Unless it’s St. Patrick’s Day or Mardi Gras. But only those two days and no others. okay? Good.

So What Feels Better To You?

990108468_035So what feels better to you? Does it feel better to look on the bright side of a situation? Does it feel better to genuinely care about other people? Does it feel better to smile?

Or does it feel better to constantly think “poor me?” Does it feel better to dismiss others and to think that you have no use for them in your life? Does it feel better to frown?

You’ve experienced both in your life so you know how they both feel so tell me which feels better to you? So now which way will you choose to act and feel?

Get On Your Feet

990205258_030Get on your feet- and start moving, Don’t just sit there like a bump on a log and say that you have no energy- you have no energy because you’re not moving around.

Get up- take a walk. Stretch. Do something to get that blood pumping and those legs moving. And then you know what? You feel better. You feel like you have more energy.

When you feel a little worn out then that’s the time to move a little. And then move a little more. The more you move the better you’ll feel hands down!

Stop It

990210627_010Stop it before it starts…a bad mood. You know how it goes. Somebody cuts in front of you on the road so you lay on the horn. That car takes off; you’re shaking you’re so mad, so now you stop for coffee at your local convenience store. They’re out of your favorite kind so the lady behind the counter offers to make some more- it will take about five minutes. So you yell at her for being out of the coffee and storm out without it. The lady behind the counter gets mad but she can’t yell at a customer so instead she yells at her new trainee for not keeping an eye out for empty coffee urns and making more when he sees they are empty. The new trainee gets mad but can’t say anything to his new boss so he goes into the restroom and kicks the door- and breaks his foot in the process.

I could go on and on but I think you get the point. All this started from a car that cut in front of you. You could have chosen to shrug it off and go about your day. But you didn’t, did you? Nope you chose to get angry- and it filtered all the way down to a broken foot. A bad mood affects everyone’s day- think of the effect a good mood would have had!