Just One Day

Let me ask you a question. How would it be if, just for one day, you didn’t worry? What if, just for one day you kicked the covers off, jumped out of bed, and yelled at the top of your lungs “I Love My Life!”

What if you did that? How would it feel?

What if, when you left the house you stopped and greeted each person you saw (whether you know them or not)? What if you stopped and bought yourself that big iced latte with the whipped cream on top? What if you had two? What if you stopped to pet a dog or help a senior put her groceries in the trunk? What if you looked up and the sun and felt the warmth on your face? What if you ate lunch in the park?

What if you came home and said “I love you,” to your family instead of screaming at them?

Okay, what if? That’s all-now I’ll leave it to you, the new day is almost here:)

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Sail On!

When things go right you know what you have to do? You need to sail on! You need to keep going. Be grateful for your success and realize that this is just the beginning. Keep those negative thoughts at bay. You know the ones “It was just dumb luck” and “I could never do this again.” Oh yes you can! What you’ve done something right you can do it again- but you must have faith in your abilities.

So just keep going. Keep on that happy road. The road to success. It has your name on it. You made the turn onto it so don’t get off now:)

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Pump Up Those Vibes!!

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Write It Down!

Got a goal? Write it down. Got a dream? Write it down.

Journalling is a wonderful way to keep the passion going for the things you want to accomplish. Writing down a goal starts to breathe new life into it and reviewing it on a regular basis with some positive visualization keeps it on its feet.

Writing happy, positive things down about your day helps breathe new life into you as well. It gives you fresh eyes and a fresh heart to move forward. And it doesn’t have to be in writing form either-of you want to draw a picture then grab those crayons and go for it! Just keep your dream alive:)

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Pet Love

Our pets, we love them. And they love us back-unconditionally.

Yes, on a day when your boss yells at you for being late with your report, on a day when your kid screams and tells  you “I hate you! You’re the worst mom ever!” because you won’t let him go to a late movie on a school night, when your nosy neighbor tells you that you have the worst looking lawn in the neighborhood, and your husband informs you he’s leaving you for his 25-year-old secretary your dog still loves you. he’s waiting for you by the door his tail wagging away and he’s thinking “Mommy, you’re the most perfect mommy in the whole wide world!”

And kitty is waiting by the door. She purrs softly as you open it as if to say “Hi Mommy! You’re looking especially beautiful today!”

And what do you do- you smile! Just thinking about how much they love us makes you happy, happy, happy! And do you know what happens when you smile? You just raised your vibration. And the higher you can keep that vibe, the faster those things that you want to happen will.

Dwell on the positive. When things get out of control, stop and think about that sweet little furry face waiting for you at home. Do it. Each time. You just did it now, didn’t you? I saw you….

And you know what? Things start to change. Your boss announces he’s giving everyone a little extra time on the project because he’s going to take a week off to go to the Bahamas with his wife (who’s been bugging him to take a vacation), your kid feels bad for the way he spoke to you and brings you a flower, the landscaping company mistakenly fertilizes your lawn (he got the addresses mixed up) and you just got introduced to the new guy in the next office (who’s incredibly good looking) who says he’d like to buy you lunch.

Go ahead and laugh, but this kind of stuff happens every day. You just have to let it happen to you:)

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you’ll make me smile!


Take a moment today and think about all the good things you do. All you have accomplished. What you mean to your family and friends. Think about all the things you’ve done right in the world.

Celebrate you, just the way you are. Just for a little while, sit back and relax knowing that all is right with you and the world. You deserve to be happy with yourself.

Every moment doesn’t have to be perfect, but every moment should be perfectly you:)


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How do you see situations when they come into your life? Do you get upset and say to yourself “how am I gonna get through this day? What if I do a bad job? What if I don’t get to work on time…. what if… well, you get the picture.

How does that make you feel? Does that help you, or do you just get more upset? I think you know the answer.

Now, what if you saw your day unfolding with ease? Getting to work on time, doing a good job, shaking hands and meeting new people with a smile on your face? What if you looked on that day as a new adventure?

Now how does THAT make you feel? See the difference?

Seeing things with ease will ALWAYS make each experience a more pleasant and productive one. So think about it:)

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