Do You Keep Track?

dsc01717_0002Do you keep track? Do you write down your goals? If not, why not?

JustĀ  the act of writing then down makes them more concrete. The idea of crossing things you’ve gotten done is very motivating. Get yourself the kind of notebook you like and the kind of writing instrument you like. Make it a pleasurable experience to keep a goal list. Keep it with you and review and update as you see fit.

The act of writing things down helps us immeasurably. Why not give it a try and see if it works for you.

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Make That Connection…

990105679_004Make that connection. If you have someone you have not spoken to in a long time why not make that connection today? You know you want to- just by reading these words you’ve already thought of that person and wondered how they were and what they were doing.

Don’t wait so long that you have lost the ability to connect- tomorrow is promised to no one. If it feels like it’s time then it is time. Now go pick up the phone or get in the car.

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Here It Is!

990204522_021Here it is- a brand new week for us! So maybe it is the start of the work week for many, but whatever it brings to us let’s decide now to look for the best and work for the best…and expect the best. We deserve it and we can make it so. Let’s remember that always.

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If You’re Gonna Be A Grump…

b215a04d-4bf9-4535-88dd-877297f7b014_0012If you’re gonna be a grump, then prepared to be around grumpy people. If you walk around saying things like “I hate all people” then you’re going to spend lots of time on your own.

I had a friend years ago who told me everyone around her was always in a mood. One day, i was at another friends house and we were having a lively, pleasant conversation. Then my friend walked in. Slamming the door she said loudly “I can’t believe all that damn traffic out there- why don’t more of these ******** people stay home and off the roads!”

The whole atmosphere of the room changed and so she walked over to me and said “You see, what I told you is true- these people are always grumpy.

Think about it.

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It’s Time…

35920050It’s time… time for YOU. Time to be kind to yourself and to treat yourself as you would your own best friend.

It’s time to realize that your goals are valuable. It’s time to realize that you are valuable…just as you are, and to act from that perspective.

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Are You Engaging In It?

990210627_010Are you engaging in it…gossip? Do you encourage it and want to keep it going? Do you find it entertaining?

Gossip is damaging. Not only is it most often not true, but why do we need to call attention of the shortcomings of others when we have our own as well?

Let’s put our focus on what is good in other people and in ourselves. Let’s put our focus on praise and kind words and leave the other junk behind. We don’t need it in our lives.

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Take It To The Next Level…

Parashoots SunTake it to the next level- take your dream to the next step. Make that phone call, or that visit. Send that email or get that research started and take notes. Then make it a point to continue on the next day. Before long, taking these steps will become second nature to you and they will flow naturally.

Take yourself to that next level

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