Be Considerate

Be considerate of others. Don’t cut in front of the line in the supermarket. Don’t lay on the horn when you know somebody is lost and just trying to check out the sign to see which way to go. Don’t push that little bit of garbage onto your neighbor’s lawn instead of picking it up. Smile at the lady up the street when she walks her dog.. Just be nice!

Don’t Be Jealous!

Don’t be jealous! Don’t be like a little kid sticking out your tongue at the kid next to you just because he has a new red toy truck.

Celebrate the good fortune of others and you open an express lane between you and the Universe to provide you what you want. But get mad and a big “detour” sign will block your it’s a really bad feeling to be envious!

Let It Happen

Let it happen…let it unfold as it should. Stop rushing around trying to make things happen; worrying about if they WILL happen, and then wondering what you did wrong when it didn’t happen.

Put some faith in your actions. Put some faith in your thoughts and then let it happen:)

Get Goin’

Get goin’…all it takes is the first step, whether it be an actual step, or a phone call or an email. The point I’m trying to make is that just do something because once you do you often find the momentum to take one more step and before long…you’re running:)

What Are You Working Towards?

What are you working towards? Are you working with positive expectation in all that you do? Do you see the end result clearly and falling into place exactly as you want it to? Do you have a smile on your face when you rise to greet the day?

If not, you have some serious “rethinking” to do:)

Take It

Take it…a day off I mean. Sometimes the best ideas come in moments of relaxation, when we put aside the hustle and bustle of the workday. You deserve time off- it helps you recharge your “batteries” both mentally and physically and refreshes you to tackle the next workday with exuberance.

Don’ deny yourself for pushing yourself beyond your limits doesn’t necessarily make you more productive, but it can make you less productive than you’d like to be:)

You’ll Get What You Think You Will

You’ll get…what you think you will. Things will unfold for you just the way you pictured it in your head. See disaster? Guess what’s waiting around the corner?

But if you see blue skies, if you feel you are worth having the things you want, if the picture in your mind is a one of smooth sailing then your road will be smooth as silk:)

Things Will Change When You Do

Things will change when you do.You can’t keep hitting your head against a wall and then wonder why your head hurts! You complain that you’re sad but you spend the day thinking sad thoughts, watching sad movies and listening to people complain. You say you’re angry but you spend the day thinking angry thoughts.

Until you shift your focus you’re just going to get more of the same. Start thinking thoughts that make you happy, keep your head away from the wall and start watching comedies instead see the difference it can make!

Quit Bellyaching!

The other day I was standing in line at the Dunkin Donuts and I heard these two ladies talking while they had their coffee. One was telling the other how miserable her life was…her husband didn’t understand her and her son hated her. She went on and on and I watched the other lady’s eyes fill with tears. She finally said “stop!” I only wish my husband was still alive and it’s been years since I saw my son. You are so lucky to have someone there with you. I only wish I still had someone at home to argue with, I only have the walls to talk to now.”

Quit bellyaching! There’s ALWAYS¬† someone who has it worse than you:)

Time Flies

Time flies. So don’t put off until tomorrow or next week or next year what you could be working on now. You make your own opportunities; don’t let them pass you by.

Don’t let regret be a part of your future:)